Products for business, from our measurement software platform to the custom-made product for each client,

Energy counters to identify consumption patterns, deviations and billing errors when being able to compare real consumptions with those invoiced by the electricity companies.

Pulse counter for water with real-time communication to the platform: Charts, reports, alarms, incidents, etc.

Sensory adapted to the customer's requirements to provide state communication to the devices or assets that are needed.

Training, mentoring and guidance for the client in order to give the most accurate information of his product



We have bundled the most requested services by the city council in order to offer a closed solution that is easy to deploy and implement.

Smart lighting panels with status communication and remote management in real time. Equipped with automatic reset mechanisms and WiFi or RF communication protocols

Designed in order to provide to every municipal assets dynamic calendars, automatic alarms, incident management and the chance to have all the associated documentation in one place.

Energy measurement devices for the correct implementation of energy efficiency methodologies, reduction of the CO2 footprint, savings of extra costs, etc.



We offer an online platform where you can connect a wide variety of communication devices and be able to see your data, states, graphs and alarms in real time.

Management and administration of parking spaces according to their occupation in real time with real maps accessible from any device.

Control over the on / off status of smart street lights, their level of brightness, their hours of operation, etc.

Real-time control of the filling level of waste containers, with automatic blocking when a certain volume is reached and smart notification system to municipal operators for the collection.

Fleet management of urban bicycles, with its totem and screen for the user to carry out the rental, return, etc.

Devices oriented to the measurement of climatic variables such as temperature, pressure or humidity among others for their parameterization and warnings to the authorities in case of exceptionality.

Devices for locating assets in real time and with historical routes, connections, alarms and shock detection by accelerometer.

iot_wc dashboard smartcity


To track exhaustively all the assets you want, from a printer to a car, with smart calendars, automatic alarms and incident management.

Assigns an usage calendar to an asset so that it is available during that period of time for the users who must use it.

Configuration of rules and alerts that are triggered in an intelligent and unassisted way, with direct communication with the person in charge of the asset on which maintenance is being done.

Control panel to keep track of every incidence that have been opened on a specific asset, to identify error patterns, obsolescence or errors of use.

Repository of technical contacts in order to locate and be notified in case of any alarm or incident on an asset.

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